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Creative Process for DATAMARK, Inc. Animation Video

March 27, 2013

With DATAMARK's new art direction in place, the next step was animation. An animated scenario would illustrate how a business process outsourcing program would benefit a Fortune 500 company's workflow.

The story would consist of a large company's bloated workflow and how DATAMARK's business process would help solve their bottlenecks.  What made our script writing different was that we used the The Challenger Sale approach as a method of writing the scripts.  

"If your story fails to engage both sides of the brain simultaniously-the rational and emotional-it's too easy for your customer to make no decision even over a good decision, as logic alone is rarely enough to overcome the status quo."

Coming up with ideas and visual methaphors to represent mail rooms, data entry, and customer contact centers on a global level became a very entertaining process.

After developing a shooting script, we split up the copy into specific shots and wrote descriptions for our storyboard artist, Joel Portillo.  

Joel first gave us a shot approval list which you can see below.

Once we approved the shots we wanted, Joel went back and drew the storyboards with more detail.

Once all the elements were complete, we presented DATAMARK Inc. with a storyboard version of the video.  By showing the marketing team this pre-liminary video, they were able to see how the story, audio, and pacing flowed together.


With the storyboard video approved, we began our animation process.  Joel Portillo began animating and coloring the businessmen while our motion graphics guru Neal Barenblat began bringing the 2D/3D elements to life. After a few weeks of animating, rendering, sound editing & mixing, we reached our final milestone.

Watch the final DATAMARK Inc. Overview video below:

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