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MindWarp Rebrands and Reboots

January 31, 2013

Friends, family, and clients, lend me your ears.  Welcome to our new website!  After doing business in El Paso, TX for more than 5 years, MindWarp continues to expand its creative work in the West Texas region. 

You may have noticed that our web and video work has begun merging together with several our clients. Because of this, we've decided to drop the "Entertainment" from our name.  Sorry guys. No more song and dance during our presentations.

Despite the name change, we will still continue our never-ending quest to save the world from poor web design, mediocre TV commercials, and bad films.  

By combining our powers for the greater good, we help our clients develop digital experiences that produced real results.  Take a look at our new work page along with our brand new demo reel.

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