El Paso Electric Sunny Side

Hired by Sanders\Wingo El Paso

Sanders\Wingo hired MindWarp as the web & video production company for various El Paso Electric campaigns which include: The Sunnyside, Powering Progress, 100 years, and Energy Saving Tips.

  • Website
  • Flash Banners
  • Video Production
  • Video Editing
  • Television


El Paso Electric Sunny Side website

The Sunny Side website


MindWarp was hired to program and develop the campaign website for El Paso Electric Sunny Side. The sunny side micro site allows El Paso visitors to learn about solar energy as well as a variety of different things the company is working on.


Saving Money

El Paso Electric shares some easy tips and tricks on how to lower your electric bill. Motion Graphics by Reel FX


El Paso Electric Solar Facility Installation

Watch El Paso Electric's installation process of their new solar panels on top of their downtown headquarters. The entire project lasted 90 days and was recorded with time-lapse photography by MindWarp. Editing & Motion Graphics by Reel FX.


Powering Progress

With the city's growing population, El Paso Electric has begun construction on several new projects that will expand their services to new areas of the community. MindWarp provided production and editing services.


El Paso Kalehari Research Station

El Paso Electric and El Paso Zoo team up to open the El Paso Kalehari Research Station.


El Paso Electric First Solar Tour

El Paso Electric, NRG, and First Solar take us on a tour of the Roadrunner Solar Panel facility located in Santa Teresa, NM.


100 Years of El Paso Electric

El Paso Electric 100 years with the El Paso Community.